Inside Street Art Melbourne


Published: 1st March 2016

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Melbourne is the Australian home of street art.

International visitors and locals alike flock to street art hot spots like Hosier Lane and Footscray to witness the evolution of these transient streetscapes. From city laneways to public parks, and suburban shopping strips to abandoned car lots, murals, stickers, stencils and painted works of art can be found in virtually every pocket of the city.

Inside Street Art Melbourne is the ultimate beginner’s photographic springboard to street art. Go on your own self-guided tour or take a vicarious visual trip via the images of these powerful and inspiring works of art.

Street Art Australia


Published: 1st November 2015

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As you walk down the street in cities and towns across Australia from Perth to Benalla, Toowoomba to Melbourne, you might stumble across a seven-storey-high painting of a woman’s face on a building; a giant echnida painted onto a wall; a tiny paste-up on the back of a telegraph pole. This glimpse of art on an otherwise dull street both transports and intrigues you: who was the artist? What is the story behind the painting?

Street art photographer Lou Chamberlin is following on from the success of her book Street Art: Melbourne with Street Art: Australia, a celebration of street art across the country, featuring the art, artists and collaborations who have shaped the street art scene in Australia over the past 10 years. You might find some recognisable artists and faces in the book, as Lou takes us, lens by lens, on an epic journey across the most exciting art in the country.

The Paper Chase

By: Pike 169 TCF


Published: 20th January 2018

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From age twelve years I have been in full rebellion. The first tag I ever caught opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of violence, adventure, romance, and vivid expression of self on the streets.

Markers became paints became mural became stencils became poster art, all aligned to a soul objective; staying relevant. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with these select photos of street posters I have put up around the world as a member of the worlds most respected Street Art Collective: THE CHOSEN FEW

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